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We provide on site computer services at your office or home. Whatever problems or questions you have, simply dial 06 03 47 32 70 or send email to to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

In case of emergency, the services are provided 7 days; 24/24H in Paris and Ile de France.



Are you thinking about improving your computer's performance?

Some strange thing happened to your computer and you want to know why?

You are using computers and network and you want to know if the system is optimized?

Your computer was crashed and you want to know if you can save your data?

Whatever the question you have, please feel free to contact.


Internet Setup

Whatever which Internet Service Provider you chose, whatever the way you connect to Internet, whenever the problem you meet, you can always get helped.

Installation, router setup, wireless (Wi/Fi), cable, ADSL, modem…
Internet sharing, remote accessing, VPN, VNN, intranet, email, Outlook, Outlook Express, junk email…

ISPs: Noos, Wanadoo, Free, Tele 2, Tele 9, Tiscali, AOL,Club Internet …

Routers: Cisco, Linksys, Speedtouch, TP-Link, Netgare …

Virus Removal

We all know how harmful virus attacks can be for a computer and for your work.

If any strange thing happened with your computer, or your computer runs slower then before, then probably it has infected by virus/worm/spy-ware. We can clean the system, remove virus and put protections. We can also recover the data damaged by virus.

Get your computer protected from attack or remove the virus from your already infected computer.




Web Designing

We design every kinds of websites, from a personal homepage to an online shopping dynamic database website. Once you have decided to build your website, discuss it with us first. In order to have a website, you need to have the content, domain name, hosting. Different requirement needs different kind of hosting......

Quality and efficiency of designing are guaranteed.


Information Security

Increasingly, computers are facing various attacks by virus, spy-ware or worm. Protecting your information from being lost is a serious task. Neveretheless, is there anyone who wants to steal your private data or secret information? Does your computer have any key-logger or monitor-spy? Is there anyone who wants to know which website you go? Is it really safe when you do online shopping or accessing to e-bank? Are your email password and website FTP password well protected? We have the full solutions for you. Whatever you do in WAN or LAN, you will have your data protected.



Network performance determines the efficiency of your works, the security of your information and the stability of the system.

We plan, install, maintain and optimize your network, provide training to your employees. Whatever the devices you use or whatever the network structure you want, we have the best solution for you; MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) is the guarantee of your quality performance. Click here to see 'MCSE Job Task Analysis'





For every level and every topic



Data Backup


Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Web designing