computer help paris maintenance

A revolutionary invention, Which keeps computers always in excellent condition. It dramatically decreases the time spending on maintenance works, then decreases the cost of maintenance, raise your work efficiency.

It is widely used by public computers, offices, school computer labs and etc


It locks the computer’s hard drive, then no change or virus infection is possible. Once user needs to add or erase something, password is needed.

Every time the computer is restarted, it backs to the original situation, just like a new installation. There is special place to store documents, emails, photos and etc. they can be saved in computer.

PCmagic system optimization solution, the computer works faster and stable.




Regular computer’s performance changes with time because virus and human changes.

Computer’s performance raises and keeps stable by having PCmagic system optimization solution



Total ownership cost

By using PCmagic system maintenance solution, the TOC (Total Ownership Cost) can be dramatically decreased. Because of the following reasons:

Low maintenance time spending

Low maintenance cost

Higher and much stable performance

Higher work efficiency

... ...




The technology is wildly used by school, offices, churches and individuals.

Schools: schools’ computer lab is used by different student all the time; they go to internet and download everything. PCmagic locks everything, then the computers can be used but can’t be changed.

Offices: office computers are connected to internet. They receive emails everyday, emails are one of the major source of virus. PCmagic locks the Operating System part of the software system and leave a special place for documents and emails. Everyday, the operating system remains new, but data can be saved.