computer help paris mac

Providing complete solution for MAC users.

All types of MAC: G3, G4, G5, Intel based MAC. Laptop and desktop. All types of iPod.

- Troubleshoot all kinds of problems

- Installation and configuration

- Software update: OS 9,OSX 10.3, OSX 10.4 to higher OS 

- Intel based MAC install Windows xp, Windows 7 

- Data backup: emails, address book, photos, iTunes

- Data recovery from crashed MAC, crashed Hard-Drive

- Hardware upgrade: Memory upgrade, Hard-Drive upgrade...

- Internet installation: Cable and wi-fi. NOOS, WANADOO, FREE, TELE 2, TELE 9, Tiscali, Club-Internet … …

- Router installation: Linksys, Netgare, D-link, TP-Link … …